An Active Investor

SingHot is a local Internet technology investment corporation in Southeast Asia. We are an active investor, seeking to make a difference always with tomorrow in mind.


up to $1B






20 Years

We Aim to Deliver Sustainable Returns Over the Long Term

Become an Internet investment institution with international influence, the preferred capital partner for entrepreneurs and outstanding enterprises.

Information & communication technologies and Internet platforms will be used to deeply integrate traditional industries with the Internet and to develop a new lifestyle.

Internet Plus is designed to take full advantage of the Internet’s optimization and integration in the allocation of social resources. It integrates the innovations of the Internet deeply into the economic and social fields and enhances the social innovation and productivity. In addition, Internet Plus will create a broader Internet-based infrastructure and achieve a new form of economic development tools.

Building a modern self-media platform to provide online and offline service. Bringing local self-media talents together and providing resources for self-media can promote the rapid development of the self-media chain. Integrated planning can lead to higher profits for both parties. Self-media can help enterprises to build network and products. At the same time, the company can reach new media online standards through self-media platform.

In new retail, companies rely on the Internet to upgrade and transform the process of product’s production, circulation and sales, i.e. big data, artificial intelligence and psychological knowledge. Hence, the Internet has reshaped the business structure and ecosystem, and integrated new retail models for online services, offline experiences and modern logistics.

The application of blockchain technology in WEB3 and settlement pulls all economic organizations in Southeast Asia into one node in the blockchain. These organizations include government, banks, production, trading enterprises and self-employed. The introduction of a cryptocurrency that can be recognized by all nodes or participants will form a specific anchoring ratio with other legitimate currencies.

All nodes in the chain of WEB3 will be incorporated into the blockchain payment system in future transactions. Paying or receiving cryptocurrency, this blockchain payment systems can eliminate reliance on secondary service providers in the original trading system. Thus, centralization, 24-hour real-time trading and quick settlement will be achieved.

Research and development of theory, method, technology and application system are to simulate and expand human intelligence. This intelligent component has already been added to online information acquisition technology, combining knowledge engineering with Internet and database technology. This helps users get information from overwhelming news efficiently and promptly, and improves the ability of information systems to provide proactive information services.  The introduction of intelligent information push-pull (IIP) technology provides targeted and personalized services according to the characteristics of users.

The future development of Metaverse in Singapore and Southeast Asia is to focus on social connections, mixed reality, and virtual world technologies. We also announced out plans to establish a social space to connect different services using Metaverse.
Through computers, smart devices, as well as Augmented Reality (AR), mixed reality, and virtual world technologies, using Digital Twin technology and Blockchain technology, the virtual and real world are integrated into the economic, social, and identity system to achieve a virtual world that runs parallel to the real world.

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