Major investment areas

Singapore is the center of the 640 million people market in ten Southeast Asian countries

Meet Our Holding Companies

SingHot Capital Ltd.

Investment company

SingHot Capital focuses on innovative technologies and models in key areas such as technologies and facilities of the Internet foundation, network security, artificial intelligence, Internet Plus, big data, cloud computing, network information services. SingHot Capital is in line with national strategies and promising prospects to help the digital economy grow.

SingHot capital provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential.

Contact email :  capital@singhot.org


SingHot Media Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Local New Media Platform

SingHot Media is a leading web software company serving the Singapore community. It owns Lion City Hotline which is Singapore’s largest bilingual digital media platform. It is committed to helping users use computers and mobile devices to generate multimedia content. Through this platform, users can communicate and share with friends.

SingHot Media is a local new media platform in Singapore with its own website and APP. It currently has 1.5 million+ users, covering 4 million users, and Singapore local users for 87.3%. 

Contact email :  media@singhot.com.sg


New Media Centre Pte. Ltd.

offline Internet new media industry

New Media Center Pte Ltd is Singapore’s first offline Internet new media industry base. It’s dedicated to providing a better creative environment for self-media/social media influencer, and helping self-media to build their own brand. 

We are working on social media influencer excavation, screening, incubation, content development, platform technical support, continuous creativity, user expansion, platform resource docking, activity operation, commercialization and cooperation, and sub IP development, etc. We create a place for enterprises’ transform in the new media era and branding for online sales, and promote products out of Southeast Asia.

Contact email :  newmedia@singhot.com.sg

SingHot Group

branding & management

Group trademark management & Digital asset management.

Contact email :  contacts@singhot.org